9 things to do on a rainy Hong Kong day

Hai Anh Vu

After a long winter now comes summer - with days of blazing sun and unbearable heat combined with rainy days and typhoons, like today. Dont you love Hong Kong for this? If you are stuck for ideas to entertain your active toddler, here comes a few ideas that have been tried and tested by me and Bean :) They are all very simple but great way to pass the time. 

1- Painting! The trick is to turn on some music as soundtrack when they are at it - better some calm, classical or otherwise not too upbeat! We have a CD with classics from Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart etc. and I love playing it in the background while she concentrates on her painting. 

2- Indoor camping: Set up an indoor tent, lay some pillows and some books to read, and invite her in! Alternatively a tea set or a breakfast set for a pretend-play picnic. 

3- Gift wrapping! Take any book or small box, a scrap wrapping paper or a newspaper, and some some tapes and have her start wrapping 

4- Building blocks. I believe every child should have at least one block set in their home - it's such a versatile set of toys that can teach so many things. For a twist, give them a challenge such as "build the tallest tower possible!" or "make a castle!" or "make a car!" - then see how they can conquer this challenge with their own creativity.

5- Kinetic sand or playdough! 

6- Baking. A bit messy, but kids love it when they are given assignments such as fruit cutting and flour mixing! 

7- Sensory tub - It could be rice or pasta or just random objects in the box, but it would delight and occupy your tot for a long long time! (in photo is a rice tub that I painted with green colors, and some pasta bows painted in red) 

8- Paper cutting: scrap papers and a pair of craft scissors (or a small pair of scissors that's not too sharp would work too) 

9- Small games with felt/paper: If you don't already have a quiet book (which is very good to keep them quiet and occupied for a while!) but have some large sheets of felt or papers in the house, why not cut out some pretend play scenes and invent a game? This one I did was very simple: cut out some felt/paper pieces to represent land (trees), sea (waves), sky (clouds), then take her toy animal collection out and sort them by where they live! (if you dont have the miniature animals, you can use a card set that has animal images too). 

What other simple games do you create for your tots when it rains outside? Please share! 

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