On this day, let's talk about unfiltered motherhood.

Most of us, me included, subscribe to toddler moms’ gram accounts for our daily scroll and inspiration. We see mamas posting their clean houses with children quietly playing. We see pretty “shelfies” where the toys are neatly organized, each on a square shelf or a pretty woven basket (some are even color-coordinated!). Sometimes we even see the well-groomed mommies with hair in place and makeup on!

And admit it, sometimes it makes us wonder how that mom does it all, while your room can’t be tidy for more than 5 minutes, your kids won’t stop fighting, and you hardly have the time to wash your hair! #momfail

I see you, I hear you, and today I want to honor YOU.

You may not look your best, but you are doing your best.

Five – ten years from now, your children will not remember all the well-coordinated shelves or the neatly arranged rooms. They will remember those chaotic moments, the big hugs, hearty laughs, and even some (not) ugly tears. 

Most of all, they will remember that you are there for them, loving and taking care of them, in their growth journey.

Here’s to real moments of motherhood. Let’s embrace them and celebrate them all!

 unplugged motherhood unfiltered

( 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻This is me and my bunch in an unfiltered snap after a mini family drama... Read the whole story on our Facebook or Instagram)



Hai Anh 

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