Best Things To Do With Your Kids This Christmas Season

Best Things To Do With Your Kids This Christmas Season

  • 1. Read a Christmas story together
  • Christmas stories never get old ! Get your kids into the festive mood  with one (or even more) classic Christmas stories such as A Christmas Carol or The Chronicles of Narnia. These stories will not only spread some Christmas magic but also help you and your kids have a great time together.

    Getting bored with normal Christmas books? you might want to spice things up and try telling a Christmas Story of Hong Kong with our “I Love Hong Kong Quiet Book - Christmas Edition”.

    2. Prepare  Christmas cards together

    It is not Christmas without some lovely Christmas Cards. Send some season’s greetings to your beloved friends and relatives. And why not involved your kids into the making and writing of these special cards?. Your children might not make the most beautiful cards ever, but will definitely make the most unique and meaningful one.

    3.Enjoy a Christmas film at home

    Nothing says Christmas like a good ol’ Christmas movie. Grab a hot chocolate and a sweet treat from a selection box and pick a spot on the sofa. Look out for the latest listings – there’s always some well-loved classics like The Christmas Chronicles or Get Santa.

    4.Craft some Christmas-themed items or decorations

    Instead of going to the store and purchase Christmas products, you might want to Get crafty and make some handmade  stuffs with your children this year. It can be anything, from Christmas tree decorations to even a whole homemade Quiet Book. 

    With our DIY Kit - Make a Christmas Quiet Book, you can easily put together a personalized Hong Kong Christmas-themed playbook for your little ones. 

    5.Bake some Christmassy goodies

    Nothing smells better than freshly baked  Christmas cookies. So get your kids together and put your apronts on , because it’s time to get messy! Make some delicious chocolate lava cakes, some fun Snowman Ginger Cookies or some Christmas tree-shaped biscuits, literally anything you want, but remember try not to eat them all at once! 

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