Toddlers - 2-4 yrs old

We have designed books with different ages in mind so that they are safe and developmentally appropriate in terms of fine motor skills, imagination, language and understanding of the world around them. The recommended age we have here serve as a guideline based on our experience selling quiet books to hundreds of parents and children.

However, our little munchkins differ widely in their interests and development levels (which is totally OKAY!) โ€“ and you should choose the books based on their personality and interest (unless you have serious safety concerns on the small parts on some of the books). Most of our books are appealing for a wide range of age. Sometimes weโ€™ve seen children as old as 7-8 years, or even adults, who find our books irresistible (and thatโ€™sย okay too!) :-)ย 

Our thematic books help kids develop both fine motor skills and imagination. As they are wordless, you and your child can make as little or as much a story from them. Over time, by playing with the same book, you can witness how much your little baby has grown in their fine motor skills, cognitive ability and imagination power!