"These books are adorable keepsakes that will make a special present to keep well beyond this holiday season...We have personally been impressed by the customer service from Little Bean's Toy Chest too. - Sassy Mama HK

"Really great customer service from a very hardworking Mama. The toys are wonderful quality and the busy books are developmentally appropriate and one of the most affordable i was able to find. Happy to recommend!" - JoJo Fan (Hong Kong) 

"We absolutely love this Quiet Book! My son will never sit still except when he is playing with this book. He has difficulty with his fine motor skills. It is one of the few things that help him and he actually enjoys doing!" - Jody Hunter (Sydney)

"Your books are gorgeous - my mum bought me the i heart HK one and it's perfect." - Clare Chiu (New York) 

"I recently ordered one of the I Love London books for a friend almost 3 year old. He absolutely loved the gift and event goes to sleep holding it. So pleased to have found a gift that made him so happy. Can't wait to give my daughter her books on Christmas morning" - Rosie Day ( Hong Kong)

"Received an incredible gift today from a friend, a personalised busy book. Love it so much that I'd like to make an order enquiry!" - Nicola Peck (Hong Kong)

"She customized the books with my son's name, and love the HK theme" - Jennifer Hung (Hong Kong) 

"The quiet books from Little Bean's Toys Chest are gorgeous!! my kids love them and it's a HK Business run by a HK based mom and they have HK themed book too. My go-to gift for friends with kids, can highly recommend" - Regina Larko (Hong Kong) 

"We have one of these for each member of our family. My favourite is the Hong Kong book. It is a lovely keepsafe of our time in HK. They make great gifts too" - Jean Wong (Hong Kong)

 "Awesome products. The little customized quiet book is the best baby/toddler gift to give 🎁 My LO loves it so much!" - Joanne MA (Hong Kong) 




"Love these books great for car rides and airplanes. They leave a lot of room for the imagination since they don't have words in them" - Ana Rivera (Hong Kong)



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