Eco-friendly toys inspiring creative play

Little Bean's Toy Chest aims to bring back the simple joys of childhood through delightful toys that maximize the fun while minimizing our impact to the environment. 

We believe that less is more, and that no matter how advanced the technologies become, for our little kiddos many classic, back-to-basic analog toys are still essential and treasured.

We select quality toys that offer meaningful engagements for children, develop their senses, boost their imagination, and inspire creativity. Our collection now includes vintage-inspired, sustainably sourced wooden toys and a growing set of interactive quiet books, all handpicked lovingly for our children and yours.  

We also want to do our small part to protect our planet: by saying NO to plastic and disposable toys that will quickly pile up in the landfill, we hope to inspire our customers, suppliers and the community to do the same. Together we can #bethechange! 

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