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"Awesome products. The little customized quiet book is the best baby/toddler gift to give 🎁 My LO loves it so much!" ( - Joanne MA)

"Really great customer service from a very hardworking Mama. Helpful, accommodating and replied quickly to my often confusing and indecisive messaging. The toys are wonderful quality and the busy books are developmentally appropriate and one of the most affordable i was able to find. Happy to recommend!" (- JoJo FAN)

"I like that these toys I would like to keep for life because even as adults we can enjoy them. Most of the toys I have at home I can't wait till the kids outgrow it so I can get rid of them. The owner was great in responding to feedback about the products as well." ( Jean WONG)



"Bought the personalized first playbook for my daughter as her Christmas present this year. Excited to give it to her on Christmas Day" -  ( Shrina Daswani)

"Love these books great for car rides and airplanes. They leave a lot of room for the imagination since they don't have words in them" - ( Ana Rivera)

""Quiet books are a blessing! I've got a few for my girl and she absolutely loves them" - (Nimisha Patel Bahrunani)

"My girl received one and absolutely loves it. Could consider one that has daily applications ( like brushing teeth, combing hair, washing face, going to the potty, putting on clothes,..) to teach toddlers self-care." (- Hester Ross)