Advent Calendar Puzzle - Handmade Christmas toy

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A Christmas Advent Calendar with a difference!

Designed as a puzzle, from 1st December each square piece matches a day in the month until Christmas Day. The completed picture depicts part of the Christmas story when the Magi come to visit baby Jesus.

Arrange the Calendar with the numbers facing outwards. Let anticipation build as each day children can turn over a new piece to reveal more of the picture – until the 25th – Christmas has come!

A product that makes a difference

Bright Solutions - the creator of this calendar - is a Vietnam-based Australian NGO whose mission is to assist marginalized women in finding jobs and having stable income. The women acquire sewing and handcraft skills and, which open their doors to experience formal work structures and to access an international market where their craftsmanship has value.  All products sold empower our women towards financial stability and independence.



  • For the love of Puzzles!  The Advent calendar has been created for multiple use after the Christmas season.  Don’t just pack it away – instead pack the puzzle pieces into a small box for an ongoing jigsaw activity.
  • Fine-motor coordination: Designed to develop dexterity in little fingers, each puzzle piece is connected with a hook to its shape space.  We’ve added a hook for each side to help children attach easily.
  • Counting, numeracy: numbers are jumbled to add to the surprise of what’s coming next! Number recognition and sequencing 1 – 25.
  • Patterns: numbers are organized in patterns. Older children can engage in numeric patterns and ordinal numbers. Young children can identify numbers and colours, classify numbers into groups.  Why not use the picture pieces for classifying shapes or colours too!
  • Story telling… the Advent Calendar can be a great tool to tell some or a chapter in the story of Christmas.