Quiet book DIY kit: Making a Christmas playbook

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Want to handcraft a special Christmas gift for your little ones?  With this kit it becomes simple!  We provide here a complete package of materials for you to create your own version of our "Merry Christmas Hong Kong" quiet book, either with your children or by yourself!  

Our Christmas quiet book DIY package includes: 

- Templates and patterns to make 10 quiet book pages**

- Pre-cut white and color pages, punch-holed and ready for binding, and 2 ring binders

- Some pre-cut items (to save your time cutting intricate details):  small Santa sleigh and two reindeers, figures of a dancing boy and girl, part of panda's face, Santa's bag with a sewn-in zipper  

- Felt pieces in all colors to cut details  

- Small items for decorative and interactive purposes: colorful buttons, pegs, ribbons, snaps, googly eyes, and velcro 

- Detailed and easy-to-follow instruction 

The whole book can be put together by cutting details from our given template and sticking them onto the book pages using a glue gun. Then, you assemble the pages with the ring binder. 

We do not provide a glue gun, scissors or needle and threads in this kit. You can purchase a glue gun separately from our website, or buy one at any local stationary store around Hong Kong. 

Watch a short video of the DIY Box below: 

Some additional not1: Glue guns should be used by adults only. Young children are NOT capable of handling a hot glue gun yet. Parental supervision is required any time children use scissors. 

2 - If you want to personalise the book with a name or message (E.g. Merry Christmas Alan) - please let us know by dropping a message in the "Special Instruction" section. We will provide all letters for you to personalise the book by yourself. **The design of these book pages is the exclusive property of Little Bean's Toy Chest. Any usage and reproduction of our designs for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.