Garden Scape - Sensory Playmat

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A high quality handcrafted product of Bright Solutions - an Australian NGO employing marginalised and vulnerable women in Vietnam. 


Description: A green toned 3-dimensional fabric mat. A mini world of garden features including path, pond, flower beds, hill, trees. Roll up and tie with 2 attached ribbons. Comes with three separate ducks. 

Material: yarn, cotton, felt, polyester filling, satin, soft ribbons, stocking fabric

Perfect for young babies, as baby shower gift or newborn gift. 

A product that makes a difference

Bright Solutions - the creator of this play mat - is a Vietnam-based Australian NGO whose mission is to assist marginalized women in finding jobs and having stable income. The women acquire sewing and handcraft skills and, which open their doors to experience formal work structures and to access an international market where their craftsmanship has value.  All products sold empower our women towards financial stability and independence.


This luxuriously green and beautiful playscape (small playmat) is like nothing you've seen before: a roll-up fabric mat exquisitely designed to appeal to the young child's curious senses and imagination. The scene of a garden comes alive with green grass, a little pond, pretty flower beds, a path filled with lovely pebbles, and a 3D fence that pops up as the mat opens! 

Not only a feast to the eye, the playmat also offers a party of textures and patterns for the little hands to explore: from the silky blue pond to the little tiny felt buttons, the grainy embroidery against the smooth fabric, and an unexpected pom-pom tree in the middle of the page.

A truly engaging world to enrich independent play as well as foster interaction with a caretaker. 

Recommended activities: 

Our play mat is designed as learning enrichment tools through play. Below are some suggestions to stimulate language development, storytelling, experience early literacy and numeracy concepts, to foster a love of learning through real life experiences.

  • Vocabulary Development: explore and name all the features in the garden, colors of the flowers, shapes, flower bed patterns, path/hill patterns. Get down low to view the garden at eye level. Invite your child to walk through the miniature world in his/her imagination.
  • Spatial Concepts: talk about flowers, on/off path/rocks, under the trees, in/out of the water, behind/in front of the flower beds, up/down the hill  … Shapes, 2D, 3D …
  • Exploration: use the garden as a stimulus – play with doll and duck figures to roam around the different places from different angles and perspectives.
  • Fine-motor coordination: Apart from exploring the spaces and places on the mat, practice rolling up the mat after play and tying the ribbon bows!  Great for improving dexterity in little fingers!
  • Tactile sensations: sensory awareness of different textures…
  • Classification: where can the ducks go? Where can children play? Where to find different animals/insects in the garden?
  • Story telling… of course!

 Other information

  • Safety: All 3-dimensional features are non-detachable so great for small children. Three small separate duckies are included in a package. If you are worried about your child putting these in your mouth, please put the duckies away and let your child enjoy the mat alone. 
  • Storage: The mat conveniently ties up into a neat roll for storage.