The Red Activity Book - Quiet book for babies

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Size: 20x18cm 


Suitable for babies through to toddlers, every page is full of exciting hands-on play and interaction. These books are designed for children to learn and practice spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination and manipulation as well as vocabulary enrichment. Young learners will return to them time and again as they play and learn!

A valuable way to engage the young in independent play; a much richer resource when shared with an older person or adult.

The book can be personalised with a name on the cover upon request. Please drop the name into the Special Instruction box when you check out! 

Details of activities 

  • Concepts and Movement: Encourage your child to move the different parts: up/down, in/out, behind/in front of, open/close, undo/do up. Examples:
  • Where is the cat? … hiding in the grass.
  • What’s in your bag? Identify colors, shapes, list the order of the bunting flags. Pull them in/out.
  • The fish swims in the water, jumps out of the water.
  • What patterns can you find in the book? spots, curved lines, stripes, blocks of color, triangles etc.
  • Find different shapes on each page, both geometrical and non-geometric.
  • The caterpillar is in the tree, on the branch, next to the leaves, crawling into/through the hole. Where’s the owl? – peeping through the hole. Can he catch the caterpillar?
  • Open/close the book, do up the button.
  • Action words: fly, jump, swim, walk, climb, creep, hide, etc.
  • Mime the different actions.
  • Wiggle your fingers through the grass, zip up/undo the jacket, move the hands of the clock …

About the creators:

Bright Solutions is a Vietnam-based Australian NGO whose mission is to assist marginalized women in finding jobs and having stable income. The women acquire sewing and handcraft skills and, which open their doors to experience formal work structures and to access an international market where their craftsmanship has value.  All products sold empower our women towards financial stability and independence.