Waldorf-inspired natural tree block

Sale price $300.00 Regular price $360.00

Size: 20 x 30 x 15

Brand: QToys

Age: 2+ 

This natural barkless tree block is a gem for all moms, but especially the ones who follow the Waldorf Steiner approach. It's a classic Waldorf toy that celebrates the contact with nature as children get to feel the organic shape and warm texture of wood in its rawest form. It's also  the perfect canvas for imagination as they build tree houses for fairies, hideaway for little dolls, hut, tent towers and castles or any thing else that they fancy! 

The set includes 42 pieces of beautiful natural coloured timbers, sanded and smoothed and finished with bees wax and natural oils. It's packaged in an environmentally friendly bag - no unnecessary plastic to dump in the landfill! 

All QToys products comply with Australian, American and European safety standards and are produced under fair trade practice, with special regard for the environment. 

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