Explore China's culture and traditions with songs, stories and games |  LittleBean's Toy Chest

Explore China's culture and traditions with songs, stories and games


Facilitating cultural exploration is a big part of our mission - as we continue to expand our collection of quiet books that reflect different countries and cultures.  This spring break, we hosted a FREE virtual Mandarin storytime with My Ms Panda to take little children to an adventure exploring China! 

During this fun-packed virtual playgroup session, Ms Ana took children to China and explore the country, traditions and foods- combining Mandarin learning with cultural explorations through songs, stories (with illustrations of quiet books and felt puppets), nursary rhymes, and interactive games!

Ms Ana used Little Bean's Toy Chest's quiet book "Exploring China" as the main medium for storytelling, showing parents and children how quiet books can be used as a way to tell stories and anecdotes, play games, and learn about languages and culture.  

ACTIVITY BOOK:  "Exploring China" will be used to facilitate the storytime:  Use code STORYTIME for 25% OFF, valid until March 28.  LINK TO PURCHASE

Ms Ana (from My Ms Panda) has been working in early childhood education for more than 5 years. She delivers engaging Mandarin lessons based on effective teaching strategy, while going out of her way to make the online time interactive to grab children's attention. Ms Ana's virtual Mandarin storytime classes are constantly rated 5 stars by parents on Outschool.com.




ACTIVITY BOOK:  "Exploring China"Use code STORYTIME to enjoy 25% OFF, valid until March 28 

For more information, please follow our Facebook event page and our Facebook pages: @Littlebeanstoychest and @Mymspanda


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