1- Did you make or design these quiet books? 

Every time I show the books to a new customer, I get asked this question, and every time I blush a little! The short answer is no - I am not the one handcrafting these books. I love quiet books and I do make some for my own kids, but not commercially (as they take too much time with my limited talent!)

I can’t claim that I design the books myself either, as in fact I’m not a graphic designer! The most accurate way to describe me is probably a “creative director” or “content creator”. I come up with the ideas and themes for each book, sketch the pages, decide the activities for each page, make sure they are age-appropriate and fun and of course, flawlessly executed. 

 Behind the scene: From my first  lousy sketch of the I love Hong Kong  quiet book ...

to final results that you see today  :) 

The books are handmade in Vietnam by a team of talented handcrafters, some are full time workers and some university students wanting to earn extra cash to support their study. I’m proud that my little business is generating jobs and income for a small population in my home country! 

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These crafty Vietnamese youngsters are working hard behind the scene! 


2- Can the books be washed?

Yes, if your book gets stained or dusty, you can take off the clasps that bind them together, take apart the pages and handwash them individually with normal detergent (avoid the strong detergent as it may bleach the colors). Hang drying is recommended.

3- Are they safe for kids to chew?

No, even if some of them look like fruits and dumplings, they are not edibles!

If you’ve purchased a book with small parts and your kid is still savoring everything she sees, you can wait a little longer, or take away those small loose parts, or only let them play while you are there supervising.

They sure look like real egg tarts and dumplings, but they are NOT edible... 

4- How do you determine the appropriate recommended age for each book?   

We have designed books with different ages in mind so that they are safe and developmentally appropriate in terms of fine motor skills, imagination, language and understanding of the world around them. The recommended age we have here serve as a guideline based on our experience selling quiet books to hundreds of parents and children.

However, our little munchkins differ widely in their interests and development levels (which is totally OKAY!) – and you should choose the books based on their personality and interest (unless you have serious safety concerns on the small parts on some of the books). Most of our books are appealing for a wide range of age. Sometimes we’ve seen children as old as 7-8 years, or even adults, who find our books irresistible (and that’s okay too!) :-) 

Our thematic books help kids develop both fine motor skills and imagination. As they are wordless, you and your child can make as little or as much a story from them. Over time, by playing with the same book, you can witness how much your little baby has grown in their fine motor skills, cognitive ability and imagination power!

 5- Do you have quiet books for newborn babies?

I have started stocking some handmade quiet books and playmats for babies. These products are made of padded soft cotton fabric interspersed with yarns, silk, net, laces... and other interesting materials, making them very safe and friendly for a little baby.  They are great as baby showers or first gifts to your little bubbas, and can be personalised upon request too.

This gorgeous handmade playmat is now available in our shop, and perfect for little babies! Your purchase helps to empower underprivileged women in Vietnam who handmade these products too.  

These books and playmats are produced by Bright Solutions Vietnam, a Vietnam-based NGO who trains and employs local underprivileged women to help them out of their critical situations. By purchasing them you are enabling these women to increase their income, support their families and have a better life. 


6- I want to put a message on the cover instead of a name. Is that possible?

Yes of course that’s possible if it’s not as long as a nursery rhyme J The blank space on our book cover allows for 2 -3 lines, each line 12 characters (a space is counted as a character). As long as your message does not exceed this limit we can make it work!


7- I purchased your book for my baby but now have lost some pieces inside!

Not to worry! We will replace for you any piece that you lose, no matter where you are in the world, no matter how long ago you have bought it. Just reach out and let us know!

8- Where can I buy your quiet books offline? 

You can find us at Bookazine, Design Gallery and many other places around town in Hong Kong! Check our stockists here.

9- Can we buy your products if I’m not in Hong Kong?

Absolutely! And the rates are amazing: only US$7 to ship a quiet book worldwide (the average rate decreases as you send more books). 

10- Can I sell your quiet books in my country?

YES!!! If you would like to become a distributor for our quiet books worldwide, please get in touch!

Have more questions for us that have not been answered? Please send us an email or message! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or join our mailing list to receive our updates and occasionally some musings on toddler-related topics :) 

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