MY VIETNAM -Vietnamese children's book (Age 2-6)
MY VIETNAM -Vietnamese children's book (Age 2-6)
MY VIETNAM -Vietnamese children's book (Age 2-6)
MY VIETNAM -Vietnamese children's book (Age 2-6)
Vietnam quiet book
Vietnam quiet book for kids
MY VIETNAM -Vietnamese children's book (Age 2-6)
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MY VIETNAM -Vietnamese children's book (Age 2-6)

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“My Vietnam” belongs to the “Vietnamese children’s book” category, but it’s much more than that.  This lovely handmade quiet book is a treasured toy set packed in a handmade book for little children of Vietnamese heritage.  It includes many vibrant illustrations of Vietnam (handmade in felt), and fun activities to practice their fine motor skills, inspire their imaginations, and expand their cultural awareness.


This Vietnamese children’s book take children on a tour to Vietnam to experience the unique sights, sounds and tastes the country: from the historic landmarks of the city to the idyllic rice paddies in the countryside, from the city hustle bustle with streams of motorbikes and the wet markets full of livestock, from wearing áo dài (the traditional dress) to enjoying phở and bánh mỳ, and cooking bánh chưng for Tết. They are accompanied by simple Vietnamese words on each page to help children bilingual with language learning.

The 15 pages of this Vietnamese children’s book includes puzzles, dress-up activities, Velcro activities, and many pretend-play piece:

  • Two historical landmarks from the two biggest cities in Vietnam: the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, and the One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi
  • Wet market scenes
  • Motorbikes – the most popular local transport
  • Idyllic countryside landscape with rice paddies, water buffalo, wet markets…
  • Traditional Vietnamese outfits: áo dài, áo tứ thân, etc.
  • National cuisines: phở, bánh mỳ, bánh chưng, bánh tét
  • The joyful & vibrant festivals that Vietnamese families love to celebrate: Trung Thu (Mid-autumn Festival) & Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year)


This book offers parents a contemporary and joyful medium for enriching their knowledge about their Vietnamese cultural heritage.

There are many ways to play with each page and many educational opportunities for kids to learn through play, whether alone or with an adult who can share with them the personal Vietnam memories and anecdotes!

While playing with the book, your child is also learning: 

  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensory explorations
  • Logical thinking and concept learning
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Sequencing and storytelling
  • Self-awareness, confidence and pride in her identity
  • Cultural awareness
  • Empathy, social and emotional skills
The book is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice to quiet time at home, in cars and airplane rides!

    This Vietnamese children’s book is a perfect gift for a Vietnamese child on any occasion: Christmas, Easter, birthday, Trung thu, Tết, etc. It’s an engaging, lighthearted and educational way to teach your children about their Vietnamese cultural heritage, especially if you are living outside the country.     


    Size: 25 x 20cm

    Materials: Synthetic felt.


    Our busy books for toddlers are meticulously handmade by talented workers in Vietnam with excellent craftsmanship.

    This particular book is meticulously and lovingly handmade by a Vietnamese mother who makes quiet books to earn extra income. Your purchase is much appreciated as it will support her family going through a tough time due to COVID. 


    You can personalize the book cover you’re your child’s name! Click here  for more information.

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