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Welcome to Toddlerhood!

Dear mamas,

Toddlerhood is such a special developmental stage for our children, as they grow from cute tiny babies to adventurous, inquisitive AND (sometimes) mischievous little beings. I know because I am raising two! And I want to share this journey with you.

Maria Montessori says, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed”. But between us mommies, we know it takes A LOT (of patience, efforts, love, and many a frustrated moment) to get there!

These quiet books are created with Dr. Montessori’s approach in mind, by including interactive features such as buttons snaps zippers… so that they can practice fine motor skills to carry out simple tasks independently. Each little pull and grasp, each successful maneuver of their little fingers, is a great boost to their confidence, and such a beautiful thing to witness. 

But our kids are not just little fine motor skill machines. Their amazing brain is also bursting with imagination, curiosity at this growth stage! So, I use this sensory-rich medium of handmade fabric books to bring to life a colorful world: landscape, people, food, daily life activitiesexotic places … even a baby in the womb! 

A wordless story-telling platform in its own right, these gorgeous books are to be enjoyed together as you cuddle the little ones on your lap, or for them to fiddle on their own drawing on their immense reserve of imagination.

Let’s celebrate the milestones of this wondrous age together! I hope these books will humbly assist you in raising happy, creative, and worldly little beings, while giving you a break in between (there's a reason they are called the "quiet" books!) 

The truth is, these cutest little creatures can melt your hearts and drive you crazy simultaneously everyday...  But one day - believe me - you’ll look back fondly and be so amazed at all the changes and growths they have gone through in these short few years - and what a blessing it is for you to be there with them.  <3 


"These books are adorable keepsakes that will make a special present to keep well beyond this holiday season. Made with love and care, the book comes in multiple designs, tell different stories and can be personalised by having a name added to the cover [...] We have personally been impressed by the customer service from Little Bean's Toy Chest, too!"

Sassy Mama HK

"Really great customer service from a very hardworking Mama. The toys are wonderful quality and the busy books are developmentally appropriate and one of the most affordable i was able to find. Happy to recommend!"

JoJo Fan (Hong Kong)

"We absolutely love this Quiet Book! My son will never sit still except when he is playing with this book. He has difficulty with his fine motor skills. It is one of the few things that help him and he actually enjoys doing!" - 

Jody H. (Sydney)

"Your books are gorgeous - my mum bought me the I heart HK one and it's perfect." 

Clare Chiu (New York) 

"Love these books great for car rides and airplanes. They leave a lot of room for the imagination since they don’t have words in them."

Ana R (Hong Kong)

Personalised gifting at its best