A world of wonder awaits ...

Hi moms & dads, 

Do you adore beautiful handmade things?  

Do you love giving your kids a wholesome play experience away from the phones and iPads? 

Do you want to inspire their creativity and imagination

Do you want to nurture their aesthetics and the appreciation for the world they live in? 

Then, you've come to the right place! 

The world can be full of chaos, but at Little Bean's Toy Chest we want to give your child the absolutely unbridled joy of seeing, touching and playing with beautifully crafted little things. 

Our creative and whimsical quiet books are designed to inspire their imagination and sharpen their observation of the world around them, from the daily quotidiennes to new cultures and the arts.

In addition, with pegs, laces, zippers, buttons, and minigames… hidden on every page,  our quiet books invite kids to practice problem solving and master the fine motor skills that are super important for their daily life and brain development. 

Every child's perspective is unique, and we believe their toys should help them celebrate that. We constantly try to come up with book themes that reflect their personal experiences and mark their important milestones: from birthdays to baby showers, from traveling to a new city to having a new sibling. We also personalise the cover with your child's name to make the book uniquely theirs! 

Established in 2016 by a playful Hong Kong mom, Little Bean's Toy Chest has constantly been selected among Hong Kong's best online toy stores by prestigious media such as Hong Kong Living, Sassy Mamas, and Little Steps Asia.



"These books are adorable keepsakes that will make a special present to keep well beyond this holiday season. Made with love and care, the book comes in multiple designs, tell different stories and can be personalised by having a name added to the cover [...] We have personally been impressed by the customer service from Little Bean's Toy Chest, too!"

Sassy Mama HK

"Really great customer service from a very hardworking Mama. The toys are wonderful quality and the busy books are developmentally appropriate and one of the most affordable i was able to find. Happy to recommend!"

JoJo Fan (Hong Kong)

"We absolutely love this Quiet Book! My son will never sit still except when he is playing with this book. He has difficulty with his fine motor skills. It is one of the few things that help him and he actually enjoys doing!" - 

Jody H. (Sydney)

"Your books are gorgeous - my mum bought me the I heart HK one and it's perfect." 

Clare Chiu (New York) 

"Love these books great for car rides and airplanes. They leave a lot of room for the imagination since they don’t have words in them."

Ana R (Hong Kong)

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