Quiet book: "What will I be?" (Age 2+)

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Why can't girls dream to become doctors, scientists, astronauts, professional athletes, and many other cool smart heroic jobs? They certainly can! It just so happens that the media and toy industry have fed our little girls with more images of beauty queens, female nurses, teachers, cooks, homemakers... career choices that are stereotyped to be "suitable for women"; while severely lacking in role models for strong women in STEM and athletic careers.  

This beautiful and fun dress-up playbook aims to change that. Instead of wearing pretty dresses and playing fancy princesses, our little girls are inspired to become: 

- A fire woman 

- A doctor

- An astronaut

- A basketball player

- An engineer

- and a zoologist

Besides the outfits for the “dress up” part,  each page also features the job setting to fully bring their imaginations to life: a basketball court, a hospital, a house on fire! etc. As usual, we add fun iterative details like laces, button, snaps... to engage the little hands for fine motor skills practice. 

The book is accompanied by a little guide with real-life inspirations of female achievers so you can extend the conversation with your little ones about this topic.  A must-have educational toy  to inspire the smart, strong, bold little girls in our lives. 

*** The book will be available from November 12, 2018. Pre-order now to enjoy an exclusive 10% OFF with code BOLDGIRLS. We ship worldwide. 


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