Quiet book DIY kit - Fine motor skills practice and concept learning

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Our quiet book DIY kit is all you need to make a beautiful quiet book for your little one!

In this quiet book DIY kit, we make it easy for you to handcraft a colorful 10-page quiet book for your toddler by providing all necessary materials, and pre-cutting tricky details. Perfect for those at beginner craft level or who don't have too much time on hand. T


Why this book would be an ideal choice for any family with toddlers & prechoolers: 

🍀Complete with all tools, materials and accessories for you to make a quiet book - no need to run to stores around town for supply!

🍀 Designed with beginner level in mind - easy patterns and detailed instructions 

🍀Diverse themes to suit many interests, with super cute designs

🍀Educational games and fine motor skills activities with buckles, velcros, buttons, straps...

🍀Bonus cut-outs and alphabet letters to personalise the book and unleash your creativity!


This  quiet book DIY package includes: 


  • 6 colored square felt pages for binding

  • 12 white felt sheets to put on top of the colored sheets

  • 10 colored felts sheets to cut out craft details 


  •  2 ring binders to bind the pages together 
  • Interactive features to be attached on quiet book pages:  3 pegs, 5 ribbons, 4 snaps, 3 buckles, and 20cm of velcro 
  • A pocket felt detail with zipper sewn in 
  • 4 glue sticks
  • (Glue guns and scissors are sold separately - see below) 


  • Print-outed paper templates (to be put on felt pieces directly for cutting), with detailed instructions 
  • General instruction and colored photos of the finished page for easy visualisation 

- BONUS CUT-OUTS: We also include some pre-cut felt details that are trickier to cut. These are leftovers from our previous workshops, subject to availability.  Right now we have ballerina figures, Santa on his sleigh, and a monkey. 

- PERSONALISED COVER: All moms want to put their child's name on this project of love,  but cutting the alphabet takes a lot of time (unless you have a machine)!  To help you save the time, please let us know your child's name and we will send you all the letters needed to assemble the name once you've finished your own book (no extra charge). 

*** How to send us your child's name: After adding the item to your shopping cart, when you click on the cart icon  (top right corner of screen) you will see your detailed "Shopping Cart". Under the item list there is a "Special instruction box" . Please use this space to leave us your special requests. Otherwise you can also send an email to littlebeanstoychest@gmail.com 

 Notes about glue guns, scissors, needles and threads

- If you live in Hong Kong, you can purchase additional tools to be shipped with your package : Glue gun: HK$50, Adult scissors: HK$30kids scissors: HK$20)

Or you can get one at any local stationary store around Hong Kong!