RTHK Radio 3 interview - Jan 6, 2020 - LittleBean's Toy Chest

RTHK Radio 3 interview - Jan 6, 2020

Little Bean's Toy Chest's founder & creative director Hai Anh Vu sat down with host Saadia Usmani at RTHK Radio 3 to share how she started making quiet books, her thoughts on digital entertainment for young children, and her aspirations in 2020.

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What to pack for a flight with kids - LittleBean's Toy Chest

What to pack for a flight with kids

On my first trips with Bean, I had an one-page list of things to pack which I printed out from a mom's traveling blog, and filled my backpack with maybe fifty things that I thought to pack "just in case" - only to find that the backpack was so full I couldn't find where anything was! lolz. And I never used half of them anyway, so instead I carried a heavy load AND a baby around wishing that I hadn't brought so much.  

Having learned from this experience, here are a list and some tips I've accumulated to make you calm and have a relatively painless ride: 

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The little truth about big sisters - LittleBean's Toy Chest

The little truth about big sisters

I am the youngest child in my family and I have one big sister four years elder. Since when I was a child, my mom has always told me the funny story about my sister when I was born. Apparently she thought I came from the hospital as she cried and and insisted that my mom should return me to the nurses to come home with her! Well, it's been well thirty years since I knew that story but I never fully empathized with my sister as much as this year, when I expected my second baby.

Becoming a big sister/brother is a big change and having the first child Bean make me realize how scary it could be ... So I decided to make a little play book for Bean which would help her visualize how it is to have a baby arriving.

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