Quiet book - I am a big sister (brother)! - Age 2+

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*** UPDATE: The "big brother" book version is now available! Just specify in the "Special Instruction" box when you check out whether you would like it for a brother or sister, and what name you want to put on the cover! ***

meaningful book to give a little someone who has just been promoted to the big sister/brother title! This cute play book consists of 9 pages giving the toddler some visualization and building excitement for a new baby in the house: from mommy's pregnancy to birth, feeding baby, put baby to sleep, changing diaper, putting on the onesie, taking baby outside...

As usual, each page is packed with action to allow for pretend-play and motor skills practice:  velcro, zipper, buttons, etc. All books can be personalised with names on the cover upon request.

Not only a perfect mental preparation for this important milestone in a toddler's life, the book also shows your little toddler how much you (STILL) love her - despite how busy you will be with the new baby! <3 

Watch a video of the book below!


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