LET'S TALK ABOUT RACE: A joyful game inspiring young children to embrace diversity

 Would you like to raise children to become not only smart, but also compassionate and empathetic human beings? 

(If you are here, we are sure that you do!)

Has your toddler ever asked why they have different skin color from others around them, or why they have different skin and hair colors from mom and dad? 
Have you ever been in a supermarket where, noticing the only Black person in the neighborhood, your child loudly asked why they looked so BROWN, (and why are they called BLACK anyway, if the skin color ain't black?)

It is a little known fact that babies as young as six months old can observe race-based differences, and children as young as two years old can internalize racial bias.  

All that is to say, your toddlers are naturally curious about people that look different from themselves and their immediate circle! 

They can pose these hard questions that usually make parents may try to avoid, thinking they don't need to start the whole race talk at this young age.
However, as a conscious parent you would know well, it's important to nurture children's healthy curiosity. Among other reasons if they don't learn from you, they will learn it elsewhere. 

Instead of avoiding the questions, how do we as parents start the positive conversations to support their learning about diversity from a young age? 

At Little Bean's Toy Chest, we think about this a lot, and this past year we've come up with something 😊 

We are launching a one-of-a-kind matching game support young children in their journey to embracing racial and cultural diversity! 



Sneak peek #1:  24 handmade felt cards featuring joyful illustrations of diverse "friends" from different racial & ethnic backgrounds

Sneak peek #2: The cards are handcrafted from felt, with fun popping color and textural layers, making them irresistible to kids of all ages! 

Sneak peek #3:  The game comes with a manual giving you ideas for many ways to play,  while helping kids learn essential cognitive, social emotional skills!  

Are you keen to hear more about this epic game - which we are launching in mid 2022? The best way to get updates is by joining our LAUNCH VIP mailing list. 💌 You'll be the first to hear about the launch and score some pre-orders in at special VIP discounts! 


Thank you for your support and for your awesome parenting. Your children are lucky to have you! 

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The best!

These are so cute and well made! I ordered two so I can keep one for my daughters and gift the other. We love it and will be ordering more as gifts!

Great book, little boy loves it

We're very happy with the book. My 2 year-old played with it for a long time when he first got it, and still likes playing with it now. We also brought the book with us to church to use as a quiet toy. He and a family friend's kid played with the book for a long time. Such a great toy that can keep the little ones busy.

The book comes with a pocket on the back cover to store the pieces when not used. Very well made! We also got a Den Ong Sao for being one of the first people who ordered. They came right before Tet Trung Thu! Highly recommend!

Despite of him having to skip naps due to our tight travelling schedule, my 18-month-old son was calm and entertained with this book in the train 🥰🥰 I’m going to buy some more books from this shop!

Very entertaining book for my 18-month-old son who was so focused playing with it during our long-haul flight to France. Love it!

Item Personalization
Charlotte H.

Ever since I got these books for my then 18-month-old son (he’s now 20 months), he’s grown to love them more and more. Both of the books kept him quiet and very entertained during our long-haul flight to France and our 3-hour train ride. Seeing how he enjoys these books, I can’t wait to get him some more books from Little Bean’s Toy Chest!

My son loves this book! He goes through his whole routine with the doll, and loves how it matches him. Keeps him busy, quiet and engaged in creative play in situations where I might otherwise have given up and let him watch something on my phone. It's so cool to watch how he comes up with creative ways to play with the book. Very well made also!

I bought this book as a gift for my dear friend's son right after her baby girl was born and he absolutely loves it. He loves to "take care of baby" and that the little boy looks just like him! Customer service was excellent and it was promptly delivered to my friend's home with the personalization that we had discussed. Perfect gift!

We love our books! My kids, 3 & 6 can both happily sit with their quiet books playing. The quality is fabulous. Great for home or an airplane trip. We want them all!

Beautiful book with so many cute details! My daughter loves the little baby and the fact that the "sister" looks like her. Great service and fast shipping. Highly recommend!

It’s so cute. Getting it for my friends too.

Beautiful book my daughter loves it, the quality is very good 😊 I recommend it 👍🏻

This is the most beautiful and fun quiet book I have ever seen! Perfect for entertaining babies and toddlers during travel, while at restaurants . . . anywhere when you need some quiet play time! Also great to help develop dexterity and curiosity. I wish it was around when my son was little!

My husband and I met in London so have fun 'reading' this book with our daughter. And she likes have tea parties with her grandmother.

Our 4 yr-old daughter enjoys telling stories with her personalized What Will I Be book. She loves that the book has her name and the doll looks like her!

A fun, interactive, and beautiful book to share my Vietnamese culture with my kids.

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing book for my kids. I love the details and the personalization. There are so many different ways to play with the book. My kids get to practice many skills while also learning about Vietnamese culture and words. We have had it for several months now and my kids (6yo and 3yo) still take it out to play with. I love the incorporation of different beautiful scenes from Vietnam. My kids loves the shop scene with the pop up banana, practicing counting while placing the flowers, dressing up with the ao dai, and of course making some delicious banh mi =).

I'm not sure I know all the rhymes but I will look them up. Thanks for your attention to detail

Thanks for your very prompt service and high quality product. I will be ordering more.

Excellent purchase

Keeping my little boy busy exploring his features brother duties

Perfect Christmas Gift

My daughter loves it so much !

Thank yo so much Helen! :).

Perfect gift

My son loves it so much!

Thank you for taking the time to review the book, Helen! So glad to hear it makes your son happy :).

Sweet little book, made a perfect gift!

I got the book as a first birthday gift for my granddaughter. She’s too young for it now, but the adults at her party couldn’t stop playing with it. Every body loves it!

Thank you so much, Catherine, for your kind review! I can't wait for the day your little daughter opens the book :)

Love it!

Our boy quiet book arrived a few days ago. Hai An was very professional and gave me very reasonable options regarding my order. She kindly personalized the book for my boy. It arrived in great condition. I can't wait to give it to him for Christmas! I highly recommend this company because of the amazing service I experienced!

Thank you so much for your kind words Denise. It made my day to learn that you love the book, and I hope your son loves it too! :)

Beautiful book!

Thank you so much for kind your review, Robynn!

My daughter love it!

Keep my daughter busy. Worth the price! Thank you

Thank you so much for your review, Aida! I'm so glad your daughter loves the book! :)

My daughter love it!

Worth the price. Keep my daughter busy. Thank you