LET'S TALK ABOUT RACE: A joyful game inspiring young children to embrace diversity


Is it important to you to raise children who are aware and empathetic of diverse communities out there? 

Fun fact: babies as young as six months old can observe race-based differences, and children as young as two years old can internalize racial bias!  
This means they have a lot of questions when they see people that look different from themselves and their immediate circle.
They may ask loudly why someone looks "brown", or wonder why a child would have a different skin color from her mom (I get that a lot from my multiracial kids). 
Instead of avoiding the questions, how do we as parents support them to embrace their identity, at the same time become open-minded and understanding of other races and cultures since a very young age? 
One thing we can all agree: books, toys and games that showcase people from diverse characters and communities are great places to start.
Unfortunately, while there has been lots of progress on the books featuring diverse characters, inclusive toys & games are still severely lacking.

Enter "My Lovely Friends" - a special matching game to support young children in understanding and embracing racial and cultural diversity...

We are working hard to release this game in early 2022. In the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks!  

24 handmade felt cards featuring joyful illustrations of diverse "friends"

The cards are handcrafted from felt, with fun popping color and textural layers, making them irresistible to kids of all ages! 

The game comes with a manual giving you ideas for many ways to play,  while helping kids learn essential cognitive, social emotional skills!  

diversity matching game


First batch of this game is launching in early 2022. Enter your email below so you won't miss out on all the details! 

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