LET'S TALK ABOUT RACE: A joyful game inspiring young children to embrace diversity

 Would you like to raise children to become not only smart, but also compassionate and empathetic human beings? 

(If you are here, we are sure that you do!)

Has your toddler ever asked why they have different skin color from others around them, or why they have different skin and hair colors from mom and dad? 
Have you ever been in a supermarket where, noticing the only Black person in the neighborhood, your child loudly asked why they looked so BROWN, (and why are they called BLACK anyway, if the skin color ain't black?)

It is a little known fact that babies as young as six months old can observe race-based differences, and children as young as two years old can internalize racial bias.  

All that is to say, your toddlers are naturally curious about people that look different from themselves and their immediate circle! 

They can pose these hard questions that usually make parents may try to avoid, thinking they don't need to start the whole race talk at this young age.
However, as a conscious parent you would know well, it's important to nurture children's healthy curiosity. Among other reasons if they don't learn from you, they will learn it elsewhere. 

Instead of avoiding the questions, how do we as parents start the positive conversations to support their learning about diversity from a young age? 

At Little Bean's Toy Chest, we think about this a lot, and this past year we've come up with something 😊 

We are launching a one-of-a-kind matching game support young children in their journey to embracing racial and cultural diversity! 



Sneak peek #1:  24 handmade felt cards featuring joyful illustrations of diverse "friends" from different racial & ethnic backgrounds

Sneak peek #2: The cards are handcrafted from felt, with fun popping color and textural layers, making them irresistible to kids of all ages! 

Sneak peek #3:  The game comes with a manual giving you ideas for many ways to play,  while helping kids learn essential cognitive, social emotional skills!  

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Thank you for your support and for your awesome parenting. Your children are lucky to have you!