Animals - Quiet Book

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A beautiful play book to introduce your little one to the fantastic world of animals, from the familiar to the exotic: cat, dog, butterfly, elephant, whale, lion crocodile... 

Prop it on the play mat, in the car or stroller, and let your baby get busy: 

  • Explore different colors and feel a variety of textures: felt, ribbons, zipper... 

  • Learn the name of different animals (with your help to sound it out!) and expand their vocabulary

  • Develop early fine motor skills with gripping, flipping flaps, pulling zipper...   

  • Build their little imagination! 


Age: 1 year +
Size: 21 x 21cm (8.5 x 8.5 inches).
Number of pages: 9 (+ 1 cover page)
Material: Synthetic felt, with zippers, buttons, laces, snaps, pegs...

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