The Wild Things Play Book - Quiet Book

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Size: 18x15cm

Explore the animal kingdom with our delightful Wild Things Play Book.

Every page is rich in color, texture and diversity for children to touch, pull, find, discover!  Our Wild Things Play Book is bound to engage the curious and entice the senses in children of all ages. (Psst … adults too!!)

These books are designed for children to learn through independent and shared play, practicing spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination and manipulation as well as vocabulary enrichment.

A product that makes a difference

Bright Solutions - the creator of this activity book - is a Vietnam-based Australian NGO whose mission is to assist marginalized women in finding jobs and having stable income. The women acquire sewing and handcraft skills and, which open their doors to experience formal work structures and to access an international market where their craftsmanship has value.  All products sold empower our women towards financial stability and independence.

The book can be personalised with a name on the cover upon request. Please drop the name into the Special Instruction box when you check out! 


  • Animals: compare shapes, sizes, food they eat, colors, number of legs/wings, habitats…
  • Classification: sea creatures, birds, jungle/desert animals, etc. Compare desert with rainforest habitats; cold versus hot; dry versus wet…
  • Movement: up/down, in/out, behind/in front, over/under, on/off …
  • Book Language: page sequencing, back/front covers, left to right …
  • Senses: a range of fabrics, shapes, tactile experiences.
  • Vocabulary: name animals and colors, plants. Add to your child’s new experiences using the book as a starting guide, and build on such from there.